MOTTO:- "Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in you"

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme

Entrepreneurship Cell SGI awareness program was organised in association with  "Million Minds" on 8 September 2017 presents "Accelerate-The Start-up Talk" with a motto "To ignite the Entrepreneurial Spirit" of  kindle young minds.
The event begin with the Lamp Lightening and presenting badges and bouquet to the respected Dignitaries.
The event was then proceeded by-
Sri D.K. Dwivedi, Director, Entrepreneurship Cell, SGI
  • You are the best judge to analyse your capability.
  • You can start a business even without investing ,you must have an idea.

Sri Pranav Agrawal, CEO and Founder, Vapsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Entrepreneurship is something which cannot be taught, it comes from within.
  • Ideas don't make business, implementation does.
  • The five aspects of becoming an Entrepreneur-
Driving force.
Human resources.
Thinking ability.
Communication skills.
Technical abilities.
  • Be confident, Be positive. Do it. Don't think much.
  • Don't look back. There will be problems , challenges. Move ahead and never look back.

Sri Ankit Deora, Founder and Owner, BEAN HERE
  • It is good that things are getting copied.
  • If you are planning for a start-up, go for a job of 2-3 years, so that you can take care of your staff and how to behave with them.
  • Make sure everyone (your family, friends) believe you that you can do it. So that they can support you.
  • Start with a small capital.
  • Hire the right person who can work for you and for whom you can work.
  • Take up a loan so that you can understand the value of money.
  • You have to have knowledge about everything about the start-up you are in.
  • To multiply your business - firstly, don't react little things be mature.
  • Identify yourself.

 An interesting quiz was also organised by E-Cell member  "NEERAJ  PANDEY" during the event with a view to ensure a strong connect of maximum participants.
Prof. Geetika, School of Management Studies, MNNIT
  • Quoted a quote by the innovator "MORITA, Founder of Sony". The key to success for SONY , and to everything in business, science and technology for that matters, "is to never copy others".
  • Create your own space.
  • For being an entrepreneur, Attitude, Aptitude and Commitment are must.
  • Entrepreneurship starts with CREATIVE DESTRUCTION.
  • Higher the risk, higher the gain.
  • make a business plan which is capable of making the cash-in flow as soon as possible. As cash-out flow starts from day zero.
  • Don't share a product. Share an experience.

Sri Pradeep Pandey, Director, CRC, SGI
    Ended the proceeded event with vote of thanks to our guest speaker's to bestow their precious time in order to motivate and show the right path to aspiring minds.